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We can assist your organization and its shareholders with your legal and tax planning control, in addition to developing the legal documents that companies are required to have, safeguard and update to keep them under due legal compliance in accordance with their industry.

Our Legal services include:

asesoría legal corporativa


Our firm offers custom legal solutions in the constitution, transformation, or liquidation of commercial partnerships, as well as merger, division, purchase, or sale of companies through the due diligence process as the law dictates.



We advise on the design of new businesses’ legal scheme, along with the preparation and negotiation of contracts. Our experts oversee every aspect of the trademark registration and intellectual property processes in accordance with the regulations.


Property and Estate

Estate planning auditing for people and companies of all sizes, along with Guarantee and Testamentary Trusts. We are experts in advising of the separation of bare ownership and usufruct of real estate.

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