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Our team of specialists offers comprehensive advice on legal and tax processes for companies, their partners and shareholders. In addition, we prepare for our clients all the necessary documentation to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Scope of our legal services:

legal services for companies in Mexico

Corporate Law

We offer our clients personalized legal advice, which cover a broad spectrum of legal solutions such as incorporations, transformations, liquidations, mergers, acquisitions, and spin-off operations. These services are carried out through a meticulous due diligence process in accordance with the specific legal requirements governing the nature of the client’s business.

Our legal team handles the drafting of shareholders’ minutes, corporate governance frameworks, maintenance of corporate records, share sales and purchase agreements, powers of attorney, issuance of members’ share certificates and all other services or documents that may be required in accordance with applicable local or international Corporate Law. We also facilitate the conveyance of share transfer agreements for all types of companies.


Business and Entrepreneurship

Our firm provides our clients with guidance on the incorporation and legal structuring of new legal entities and ventures. We also handle the preparation and negotiation of various agreements, permits or licenses necessary for operations in compliance with prevailing laws.

We diligently oversee all relevant aspects of Trade Secrets, Trademark and Intellectual Property registration, and legal compliance of Confidential Information, in accordance with local and international legislation pertinent to the business’s objectives.


Estate matters

Through our team of experts, we provide legal advice and auditing services related to property and estate matters, including guaranty trusts, patrimonial trusts, testamentary trusts, and testamentary affairs for individuals and companies. Our clients trust us to provide for them detailed and tailored guidance on all legal implications of separating bare ownership and usufruct of property.

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