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Taxation services

Taxation is always a complex issue. Our partners and staff can help organizations by providing our expertise and knowledge of the subject and our experience in dealing with the local tax authorities. Our personnel is constantly updated to face the challenges and changes in tax laws.

Our taxation services include:

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  • Review and advising on the determination of income tax contributions, filling of tax returns, or special returns.

  • Advice on the tax effects of your economic transactions.

  • Assistance on Value Added Tax (VAT), its computation and planning to avoid mistakes or incurring in additional costs. It’s common than exporting companies generate VAT favorable balances that must be requested as a refund, we can help organizations through that process.

Communication with tax autorithies

In a complex day to day economic environment, is not uncommon that tax authorities approach taxpayers with doubts or inquires, we assist organization in managing those communications with autorithies (tax requirment letters, fines, etc)

Legal representation before tax autorithies

It could be the case that a taxpayers is being audited, we offer you advice through the process in order to avoid adverse tax consequences. Also, if a fine or payment is requested as a result of such audit, we provide legal support and representation.

Employees’ Profit Sharing Computation

(PTU by its initials in Spanish)

In Mexico is statutory that Employers share 10% of the profits generated during a given financial year. There is an exemption for the first year of operation, after that, PTU must be computed and paid, we can assist you in understanding and administrate PTU in order to avoid any type of financial penalty or legal inconvenience for non-compliance.

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Registry of Providers of Specialized Services or Specialized Works

(REPSE Registry by its initials in Spanish)

REPSE Registry was created by the federal government in order to diminish tax avoidande both in federal taxes and social securities contributions. Outsourcing services are very common in Mexico, but unfortunately sometimes contractors dis not pay their due taxes, with the creation of this registry, when a company outsorce services using a contractor, the REPSE provides certification that such contractor complies with labor and tax obligations. Companies that want to outsource and hire contractors can only hire people who are registered on the REPSE list. Our firm will assist you in either obtaining REPSE registry or help your contractors get one.

IMMEX program and “Maquiladoras”

(IMMEX stands for Manufacturing and Export Services Industry) 

Companies under this program can carry out manufacturing activities with temporarily imported goods in a low tax or tariff environment (import duties and 0% VAT rate), but upon the condition that the imported goods are exported after being subject to production or some service. The Mexican Income Tax Law establishes a special tax regime that “Maquiladoras” could elect under certain conditions. We help our clients in the understanding of this programm and in the evaluation of its possible benefits. We provide assistance in obtaining this programm registration through Mexico’s Department of Economy.

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